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Transition Management: Growth & Ecommerce

How can I seniorize my teams and review my e-commerce operations before recruiting a senior or intermediate profile? How can I help my teams when business slows down?


Experienced Growth & Ecommerce Directors

  • Comprehensive, customized audit: Analysis of digital performance and the forces at work (teams, service providers) to identify business improvement levers. This includes assessment of sales channels, commercial and operational efficiency, as well as customer relationship management.
  • Strategy and Planning: Development and prioritization of a strategic roadmap aligned with high-level business issues, including sales calendar challenge and performance audit.
  • Operational P&L Management: Active support of day-to-day P&L management to ensure continuity of operations, sales growth and profitability, pending the recruitment or return of an e-commerce director.
  • Team Development: Keeping teams motivated and aligned with the company's overall strategy, thanks to the management expertise of our senior profiles.

What you can expect:

  • Continuity and Optimization of E-commerce Operations: Ensure a smooth transition without loss of performance or motivation within your teams, while preparing the organization to effectively welcome a future senior profile.
  • Business Performance Improvement: Through precise audits and daily P&L management, our intervention aims to develop your sales and maximize the profitability of your e-commerce channels.
  • Reinforcement of internal competencies: Thanks to our support, your teams will benefit from expert coaching, fostering their professional growth and preparing them for future challenges.
  • Flexibility and Expertise: Our offer includes senior profiles with over 10 years' experience, capable of intervening quickly and efficiently, with a flexible engagement model adapted to your needs.

This interim management assignment is aimed at companies seeking to navigate periods of strategic or operational change in their e-commerce and/or omni-channel department, drawing on senior expertise to secure and develop their interim business.

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