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How can you find growth (top and/or bottom line) in your market segments? Which pockets of value can free up your budget for reinvestment in customer acquisition?


Accelerate the exploitation of your growth drivers

The Acceleration Strategy aims to identify and exploit growth opportunities for companies, focusing on both revenue enhancement (top line) and profitability improvement (bottom line). This service is designed to answer crucial questions such as discovering new market segments for growth and identifying pockets of value to free up budget and reinvest in customer acquisition

  1. In-depth Business Analysis: Understanding customer and operational challenges, analyzing value propositions and distribution channels. This phase aims to clearly identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement.
  2. Rethinking the Value Proposition: Adapt and optimize the value proposition to meet changing market and consumer needs, drawing on in-depth knowledge of market trends such as D2C, e-trade marketing, and others.
  3. Accompanying Business Teams: Integrate a senior profile into your teams to effectively pilot the acceleration project, ensuring a smooth transition to new strategies and processes.

What you can expect:

  • Data & Business Driven approach: Based on a detailed analysis of e-commerce performance and data, this approach ensures that the strategies developed are perfectly aligned with the company's objectives and reality.
  • Pragmatic Recommendations: Benefit from pragmatic, results-oriented advice designed to significantly boost your e-commerce business thanks to in-depth knowledge of the sector and consumer behavior.
  • Sales growth: Identify and exploit buoyant market segments, enabling a significant increase in sales.
  • Optimizing profitability: Identify potential savings and reallocate resources to maximize profitability.
  • Improving the Value Proposition: Adapt the offering to better meet market expectations, strengthening the company's competitive position.

This service offering is particularly suited to companies seeking to boost growth by refining their strategy, optimizing their value proposition, and improving their operational efficiency, all supported by a strong analytical approach and pragmatic implementation.

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