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M&A and Due Diligence

Our M&A offering provides comprehensive assistance to investment funds and consumer brands in their capital-intensive operations, covering both the buying and selling aspects as well as target screening, thanks to in-depth sector expertise and a personalized approach.


A 100%-Consumer-dedicated M&A service

Our "M&A + Due Diligence" offering is specially designed to meet the complex needs of investment funds and brands in the consumer sector, involved in capital-intensive transactions on both the buyer and vendor sides. This offering also covers classic M&A services, including target screening, providing a comprehensive solution to facilitate and optimize transactions in the consumer sector.

  • Buyer Side: Full assistance in identifying and evaluating the investment opportunity. Our approach includes in-depth due diligence to ensure a clear understanding of the potential value and risks associated with each investment.
  • Vendor Side: Strategic support to prepare and optimally position your company for a capital-intensive transaction. We help maximize the company's value prior to the transaction through accurate valuation and identification of strengths to emphasize.
  • Target Screening: Proactive identification of potential acquisition targets using a rigorous methodology and precise criteria, tailored to our clients' strategic objectives. This phase is crucial to the success of any external growth strategy.

What you can expect:

  1. Sector expertise: Our in-depth knowledge of the consumer sector enables us to identify the best opportunities and understand the specific challenges your company may face.
  2. Tailor-made approach: We tailor our strategy to each client, taking into account their specific objectives, to provide personalized, targeted advice.
  3. Comprehensive Analysis: Our due diligence goes beyond traditional financial analysis to include operational, strategic and market assessments, providing a 360-degree view of the transaction under consideration.
  4. Value Maximization: Our aim is to maximize value for our clients, whether by securing the best investment opportunities or optimizing the sale value of their business.

Why choose our "M&A + Due Diligence" offer?

Whether you're an investment fund looking for attractive opportunities in the consumer sector, or a consumer brand considering a capital operation, our M&A services provide the insights, expertise and support needed to successfully navigate the complex M&A landscape. By combining strategic analysis, rigorous financial valuation and in-depth industry understanding, we are the ideal partner to support your next M&A transaction.

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