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Are there diversification levers in my strategic assets that would enable me to seek out more growth? What new products/services can I launch to generate growth?


Identify your future growth drivers

Diversification strategy focuses on identifying and exploiting new opportunities to drive business growth. It addresses key issues such as finding diversification levers in strategic assets, launching new products or services, geographic expansion, and deciding whether to develop internally (make) or acquire (buy).

  1. Opportunity Identification: Analysis of market segments and value propositions in relation to consumer expectations and market data, drawing on access to a network of 700 decision-makers in the consumer sector.
  2. Make or Buy Strategy Definition: Choice of the most appropriate diversification strategy based on sector knowledge and the company's specific challenges, considering either the launch of a new activity or an acquisition.
  3. Development of the Operational Roadmap: Creation of an action plan and the processes required to implement the diversification strategy, with the possibility of being accompanied by senior profiles specialized in growth and e-commerce.

What you can expect:

  • Data & Business Driven approach: Strategy based on analysis of current performance and in-depth understanding of the market and consumers, enabling rapid identification of profitable diversification axes.
  • Pragmatic Recommendations: Concrete, results-oriented advice based on in-depth knowledge of the sector and consumer behaviors.
  • Growth through Diversification: Exploration and exploitation of new market opportunities to drive company growth.
  • Optimization of Investments: Informed decision between developing a new offering internally or through acquisitions, enabling efficient use of resources.
  • Geographic and Product/Service Expansion: Access to new markets and diversification of the offering to strengthen the company's position and resilience in the face of market changes.

This service offering is specially designed for companies seeking renewal or expansion, providing a proven methodology for navigating the complexities of business diversification. By highlighting innovative growth strategies and providing the support needed to implement them, it represents a strategic investment in securing and amplifying long-term growth.

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