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Optimization (CRO) : Maximize your E-commerce profitability

How can I optimize my site's overall conversion rate? How can I reduce the CAC of new customers to regain profitability? How can I improve my understanding of user journeys on my e-commerce site? How can I set up a viable A/B testing strategy?


A complete CRO offer, from analysis to test deployment

  • User Journey Analysis: Quantitative analysis (using advanced web analytics tools such as Contentsquare) and qualitative analysis (feedbacks, user tests, etc.) by our CRO experts to decipher site behavior, identify friction points and propose concrete solutions. Includes analysis of acquisition channels, best landing pages, and key stages such as site search and checkout processes.
  • AB Testing and Personalization: Assistance in defining and deploying A/B testing and personalization strategies, including variant design, test setup and performance monitoring.
  • Performance Dashboard: Implementation of customized dashboards for tracking key performance indicators, enabling informed, agile decision-making.

What you can expect:

  1. Global Optimization of Conversion and AOV: Significant improvement in conversion rates through targeted interventions based on reliable data and in-depth understanding of customer journeys.
  2. CAC reduction: Effective reduction in the cost of customer acquisition through better allocation of marketing resources and optimization of user paths, leading to increased profitability.
  3. In-depth User Understanding: Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, enabling you to tailor your e-commerce offering and experience to best meet their expectations.
  4. Culture of Continuous Improvement: Establishment of a continuous AB testing and personalization process, fostering innovation and adaptability in a constantly evolving e-commerce market.

This service aims to transform your e-commerce site into a conversion-optimized machine, based on accurate data, recognized expertise, and a proven methodology to ensure sustainable, profitable growth.

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