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Customer Experience Design : reinvent your customer journeys

Understand the needs and challenges of my e-commerce customers? Define the most effective customer experience to increase conversion and repeat business? Link my e-commerce activity with my other distribution channels? Which technical stack should I choose for my day-to-day operations?


A concrete, data-based response to customer needs

Our Customer Experience Design service is specifically designed for companies seeking to optimize their e-commerce presence by responding concretely to their customers' needs and expectations. This service includes:

  • Web Performance Analysis: Using analysis tools such as GA, Matomo, Hotjar, and Contentsquare to identify friction points and opportunities for improvement in your conversion funnels.
  • Qualitative Interviews: In-depth sessions with your customers and prospects to capture their feelings and expectations regarding your current e-commerce experience.
  • Prototype Co-construction: Application of the design sprint method to rapidly develop a functional prototype of your future e-commerce site, in close collaboration with your teams.
  • User Tests and Iterations: Evaluation of the prototype by your customers to refine and optimize the experience before final development.
  • Technical Stack Support: Strategic advice on the choice and deployment of tools and dashboards to effectively manage your digital business.

What you can expect:

By choosing DNG teams for your next User Experience redesign project, you can expect:

  • Deep understanding of customer needs: Through rigorous analysis and direct feedback, you'll gain a clear view of your customers' expectations.
  • Optimized Customer Experience: The prototype developed and tested will enable you to launch an improved e-commerce experience, aimed at increasing conversion rates and repeat business.
  • Coherent E-commerce Strategy: Our support will help you seamlessly integrate your e-commerce activity with other distribution channels, strengthening your omnichannel presence.
  • Informed Technological Choices: Benefit from expert advice to select the technical stack that will best support your day-to-day e-commerce strategy.

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